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YFS Art Club aims to be a space for both consolidated and emerging artists where to exhibit physical works merged with NFT technology.

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YFS - Your Funny Screen YFS is not like the standard collection. Here the artists brings in his own "NFT vision" and the collection itself becomes a collectible. The YFS NFT will grant holders exclusive access to future areas and benefits, unlocked by the community through roadmap's milestones achievements.
If you own an NFT monitor edition you will have the right to vote for the progress of the project.


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More about YFS

Discover the unique universe of our 10,000 NFTs: a collection that redefines the canons of digital art with an innovative aesthetic and a never-before-seen approach. Each one-of-a-kind piece features 219 distinctive features spread across background, skin, monitor, clothing, face, eyes and skull ornaments, all in a cartoonish style with a dynamic 30-degree tilt. The fulcrum of each work is a head-monitor, from which wild animals such as tigers and monkeys or funny and surprising expressions come to life. Our Screens are recognizable pieces of art, each marked with a unique code on the body. With five vintage models, these NFTs are not just works of art, but real passes to an exclusive club: owning one of these masterpieces means becoming part of a reserved community, with the opportunity to win prizes, including special events and the ability to create your own personalized image via artificial intelligence. The sale will be structured in 10 tranches, giving priority to holders who are included in the whitelist, thanks to the victories in our integrated gaming, with exclusive advantages and discounts. The NFTs will act as a membership card to access our private store, where you can discover unique contemporary sculptures by DafDaddy, which can be purchased in whole or piecemeal for a smart investment. And it doesn't end there: in-store gaming will transform your virtual coin into real experiences.


Once we reach a target sales percentage we start working on the goal achieved step by step.
NFT gifts and subscriptions
MERCHANDISING - Start shop project
Launch of the Metaverse project with shop and interactive game
Launch of the customizable NFT project for holders
Real giveaways and extractions
Continuous developments of the platform with the community
The project will produce Green solutions.

NFT Whitelist - YFS Tribal Boy

Join the digital revolution with our limited run of 2,000 TribalBoy NFTs, each enhanced with 61 unique traits divided into: Background, Bubbles, Tribal and Wrapping.
These aren't just collectibles digital, but real passes to exclusive opportunities.

Exclusive Whitelist Privileges:

  1. Early Access: Secure the ability to purchase your NFTs before anyone else and at a discounted price!
  2. Exclusive discounts: Enjoy special discounts within our NFT app store.

Special Promotions: For every 1,000 “YFS Monitor Edition” NFTs sold, we release 200 “YFS Tribal” NFTs Boy” for free! Don't miss the opportunity to enrich your collection.

Play and win with YFS Art Club: visit www.yfsartclub and participate in our free game. Connect yours wallet, give consent and try your luck. Each player has one chance every 24 hours and can win at maximum 1 NFT per wallet.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity! Luck awaits you: join the YFS club, connect your wallet and you could be the next winner of an exclusive TribalBoy NFT.

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DafDaddy, Madly Digital

As the psychiatric hospital plunged into darkness, behind its walls, crazed scientists conducted strange experiments with humans, animals, and technology. DafDaddy, a creative soul, was trapped in a world of chaos and madness. On a moonlight night, as darkness enveloped the laboratory, DafDaddy sparked an explosion of ideas that manifested into reality. Using his ingenuity, he found a way to blow up the psychiatric hospital, liberating all unjustly imprisoned beings. But the explosion proved to be more than just an escape, as something extraordinary happened: the hospital director's body fused with the various creatures present in the laboratory, and a bright monitor replaced his head, giving life to a strange character. Instead of feeling frightened, DafDaddy felt inspired! His peculiar metamorphosis became the source of his new creativity, with a gaze that merged animal wisdom and human imagination. And thus, Your Funny Screen came to life!!!


Matteo - The Webmaster

In a world where the line between friend and foe is blurred, emerges as an unexpected beacon on the protagonist's path. His empathy transcends the ethical codes of science, leading him to forge an unusual bond with his subject of study. With an act of rebellion against the confines of his duty, he decides to aid the patient in escaping. Transforming from a guardian of health to an accomplice in a daring flight, becomes an indispensable ally. He not only lends his expertise to ensure the patient's freedom but also delves into the intricacies of his visionary project. His white coat becomes a symbol of hope, while his hands, once dedicated to saving lives, are now instruments of a new revolution. 'The Doctor' embodies the unexpected ally, the rational mind ready to challenge the rational for a dream that could change everything.

Riccardo - The Developer

Ever since the patient slipped from the grasp of the facility, has known no rest. His unique pursuit has not been in vain; on the contrary, it has sharpened the artist's wit, who now navigates the world with increased cunning. Like a persistent shadow stretching with the setting sun, he continues his relentless quest, accompanied by his two faithful dogs, unerring companions in this tense game of chess.
Each of their steps is calculated, every bark a warning: they are the constant threat in the artist's peripheral vision, a reminder that freedom always comes at a cost.
'The Guard' is the tireless adversary, determination personified, a predator driven by a sense of duty that knows neither pause nor compromise.

Dario - The Technical Advisor

He is the architect behind the scenes, the digital genius whose mastery of technology is matched only by his enigmatic nature. His keen gaze, hidden behind lenses reflecting screens aglow with codes and diagrams, discerns escape routes where others see dead ends.
Always one step ahead of the most intricate security systems, the 'Technical Advisor' weaves a network of high-tech solutions, making the impossible possible.
This master of technology does not act for money or fame, but for the sheer challenge and loyalty to those who dare to challenge the system. Equipped with an arsenal of cutting-edge gadgets and an intuition for cyber weaknesses, he ensures that escape plans transition from bold theories to tangible reality.
While the artist paints with colors, the 'Technical Advisor' paints with bits, crafting masterpieces of evasion and deceit that keep enemies perpetually one step behind.

Valentina - The Researcher

This balloon seller is a philosopher of the streets, an observer who captures hidden truths in the simple act of a little girl letting go of a string and dreamily watching her new colorful friend rise towards the sky. The balloons she distributes are metaphors of hope and liberation, each one an experiment on human nature, rising beyond expectations and defying the gravity of doubts. She embodies the restless thinker, whose mind knows no rest, always hungry for knowledge and experiences. At her simple balloon stand, she sells not just air-filled objects, but also sows seeds of wonder, inviting every passerby to reflect on the vastness of the sky above and the depths of the human soul. Her hands, which might once have leafed through ancient tomes and written complex equations, now carefully tie the colored strings, delivering dreams to the open palms of children and, sometimes, even to adults who have forgotten how to dream. 'The Researcher', with her cart of dancing balloons, is a familiar yet mysterious presence, a roaming vendor of joy and reflection, an urban enchantress who with every released balloon invites us to look higher and think deeper.

Anita - The AI

In a web of intrigue and challenges, Anita emerges as a pivotal figure of strength and cunning. Her presence is a touch of clarity in a world of shadows, a symbol of courage and insight. Each step she takes is calculated, a dance between danger and opportunity, reflecting sharp intelligence and deep intuition. More than just an ally for the fleeing artist, Anita is a strategist, a confidante, whose wisdom and determination make her an indispensable pillar in the quest for freedom. Her ability to navigate dangers with grace and resolve makes her a central figure in the fight for autonomy and expression.